The history of the company Sando started in 2017, the name of the company “Sando” was created based on the mission and purpose of the company, based on the reality in the Georgian market. Initially, the company’s activities were limited to the import and sale of construction materials. Today, the company “Sando” is the official representative of not only one, but several international brands in the Georgian market, in particular “FORTIS GROUP”, POWER MIX. It is noteworthy that the company “Sando” is one of the leading companies in the gypsum-plaster thread sector in Georgia. The company concentrates on 10 production groups, including gypsum-based products, cement products, tiles and ceramic adhesives, intermediate fillers, waterproofing products, ready-mixes, paints, raw materials, flooring products, facade products, primers, primers and repair materials.

Laboratory and Quality

All products imported by the company “Sando” are available to consumers after a multi-stage inspection and control system. All products are controlled by an accredited central testing laboratory operating within the production area. The testing laboratory performs physical, chemical and mineralogical analysis of imported raw materials, as well as manufactured and packaged products in accordance with the requirements of AZS ISO / IEC 17025 and fully controls the technological process. It is equipped with modern technical capabilities and chemical reagents for high quality laboratory tests and is regularly updated.


Increase our trust, certainty and values ​​in front of our customers, partners, employees and the community by producing and selling quality products based on the latest technologies.


The company “SANDO GROUP” is currently focused on the sale of construction products.The target of the company is to produce and create a new innovative product,we are also interested in training qualified personnel who can work in production and repair work with high quality based on international standards in Georgia. Thus, the company reaffirms its support for building companies and other customers in Georgia, establishing long-term partnerships and improving the quality of construction.

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