delivery to the spot

*Delivery to the place does not include unloading and carrying the product.

General conditions:

Delivery of the product to the place is carried out within 2 working days in Tbilisi.
The customer is notified of the delivery time one hour before delivery.
f the customer did not meet the courier at the agreed time and could not collect the purchase, repeated delivery will be reimbursed again.

Delivery terms:

Delivery service is free if:

The purchase price exceeds 800 GEL, and the weight does not exceed 1500 kg;

In Tbilisi, the cost of delivery is 50 GEL if:

The weight of the purchased product is from 1500 kg to 3600 kg, and the price does not exceed 1500 GEL.
On-site delivery does not include unloading and carrying the product.


  • When handing over the product, the customer must present an identity document to the courier and sign the waybill;
  • The order can be canceled only if the product has not been sent to the place of delivery at the time of cancellation;
  • The purchase will be issued within two days, upon presentation of the identity card and receipt.

*It is neccessary to wait for the notification that the product you ordered is ready for pickup before coming to the store.

Product return / exchange

The product can be returned or exchanged if the purchase does not comply with:

  • purchased product,
  • quality,
  • quantity.

Product return conditions:

  • payment receipt;
  • identity document;
  • Product presented in original packaging.

If the return request is confirmed, the amount will be reimbursed within 3 working days.

In case of return of the purchase the company undertakes to reimburse 100% of the paid amount 100% if:

  • The product’s appearance is preserved and all additional parts that were received at the time of purchase are included.

Upon receipt of the products, check the integrity of the purchase and in case of defects, immediately notify the information center.

Product change dates:

  • If the request to change the product is confirmed, the company will provide the customer with an identical product within 3 working days;
  • If the product is not available at the given moment, the company will refund the paid amount within three working days;

The order can be returned or exchanged within 30 calendar days.


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